Africa Energy Investment Corporation (AEICORP) is Development Financial Institution established on 26 January 2019 by APPO Member Countries following the reform of APPO Fund. AEICORP whose authorized capital is One billion US Dollar, has for mission to mobilize private-sector funds towards the development of its target sectors in Africa, working independently through eligible African and international financial institutions.

AEICORP’s vision is to be Africa’s premier partner of choice and primary provider of finance for Africa’s energy sector. AEICORP target sectors are: Oil and gas industry, Alternative energy, Mining and Power. AEICORP’s services offering are:

  • Advisory: financial advisory and capital raising, policy & technical assistance, and project development
  • Debt: trade finance, guarantees, project finance, project bond issuance, mezzanine offerings, senior loans, syndicated loan products, synthetic local currency loans and intermediated loans
  • Principal Equity: expansion capital, project equity and project origination
  • Treasury & Capital Market: fixed income and sector funds

AEICORP provides an exciting opportunity for investors to participate in a low-risk pan-African growth story: 1. Solid Capital Base & Liquidity Profile:

  • Authorized share capital of US$1billion to initially be leveraged 5x to a US$6billion balance sheet
  • Capital subscribed by APPO-member countries to be structured as callable capital
  • Expected to attain & maintain high international rating based on solid liquidity

2. Preferred Creditor Status:

  • Enables AEICORP provide innovative financial solutionswithin its target sectors
  • AEICORP would be able to attract economically viable fundsfrom the global markets which will enable the Corporation raise low-cost funds

3. Developmental Impact:

  • AEICORP is expected to invest over US$7.65billionin its target sectors in its first 5 years of operations
  • AEICORP’s investments will attract an estimated US$12billion of FDIsinto Africa
  • AEICORP’s operations will create a total of 800,000 jobsfor its chosen sectors within Africa

4. Strong Financial Performance Returns to Investors

  • Return on equity to grow from 3.0% in Year 1 to 8.2% in Year 5
  • Investors are to receive dividendsin accordance with AEICORP’s Dividend Policy