Strategic Objectives

  • Member Countries’ Cooperation: Promote cooperation among Member Countries and other global institutions in various sectors of the hydrocarbon industry: commercial, scientific, technical, technological, legal, fiscal as well as in the field of human resources.
  • African Energy Development: Promote the development of regional markets and coordinated energy integration strategies in the continent;
  • High Level Studies & Partnerships: Develop research programmes about the major challenges in the petroleum sector of African countries,
  • Socioeconomic Development: Promote economic development and market diversification activities by enhancing hydrocarbon sector local procurement, employment and gender diversification.
  • Environmental Protection: Promote environmental protection and management policies.
  • International Best Practices: Promote the use of international best practices.
  • Organizational Visibility: Increase the visibility and level of awareness of APPO as a leader and reference institution on petroleum within and beyond Africa.